Instructions for after your Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

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In the First 24 Hours 

After the surgery the day stay team will get you mobilising taking all your weight when you walk. You will not require crutches or any other walking aids.

Take regular pain relief. Paracetamol and an anti‐inflammatory (like Voltaren) are the best combination for pain relief. Occasionally stronger pain relief may be required but should be used only for a couple of days if possible.

The pain will increase when the local anaesthetic wears off (usually around 6 to 8hrs) so take the pain relief before it gets too sore.

Sutures and Dressings 

You can remove the bulky compression bandage dressing after the 1st 24 hours. If there is any leakage from the knee wounds then wrap the knee back up and recheck it again the following day. If the wounds however are dry then you can gradually get your knee moving as comfort allows. The sticky tapes that are sitting on the skin generally will stay on for ten days and you can remove these at ten days if they haven’t started to already fall off. If there is any leakage then the wounds can be dressed with a simple band-aid. Avoid excessive bending of the knee if the wounds are leaking.  It is possible just too gently get the knee going straight away.

The First Week

Continue will pain relief only if you require it. Anti‐inflammatories (such as Diclofenac/Voltaren, Ibuprofen etc) or Paracetamol are the most effective. Gradually increase your activity after during the first week. An exercycle is the best way to get the knee going and to maintain your conditioning.

What to Watch Out For

If you have concerns in the first few days after discharge, you can call Manuka Street Hospital on (03) 548 8566 for advice. Staff are on the ward 24 hours of the day. You can contact Mr Peterson’s rooms during business hours (03) 539 0988 if you have any concerns.

Please contact us if the wound continues to leak after a couple of days or if there is any evidence of infection such as pain, redness or discharge from the wounds. Also if the knee starts to get very painful, swollen and stiff particularly if you start feeling unwell or feverish then you need to be seen urgently.

If you develop calf pain, chest pain, shortness of breath then you need to either see your GP promptly or be seen in an emergency clinic/hospital.

Follow-up Appointment

You should be provided with an appointment time for follow-up around 2 to 3 weeks followingyour surgery.

If you have any concerns or need to alter your appointment please contact Mr Peterson’s rooms on (03) 539 0988. Your follow-up will be at the Collingwood Centre, level 1, 105 Collingwood St, Nelson.

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